Time Flying Triangles Around Geometry

It’s no secret one of the most common uses of time flying triangles is to wrap them around geometry, but have you considered making your own time flying triangles instead of buying them? It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Rolling your own time flying triangles, (TFTs for short) takes just a few materials you might already own, and once you’ve made the TFTs, wrapping them around geometry is easy. For this project you’ll need:

  1. Time, preferably partially used but not wasted
  2. (Six) fly wings
  3. Chalk
  4. Whatever geometry you want to wrap, though I do caution against using handheld geometry, as it tends to collapse when surrounded by time.
  5. Wood glue or a similar adhesive

Once your materials are all handy, it’s time to get started.

Step one: Fillet and Oxidize Time

If you’ve never filleted time before, the processes is pretty straightforward: slice the amount of time you have in half, remove the bones with tweezers, and let time rest for at least an hour before moving onto the oxidization. For TFTs, I like to do about four hours of time, because it gives the triangles enough time to solidify around whatever type of geometry you decide to use.

Once the time rests, set it on fire to oxidize it into more manageable chunks. You’ll use the chunks in the next step to create the triangles.

Step two: Assemble Triangles

Find a large space, preferably a concert hall or basketball court, and use the oxidized time to draw at least three triangles on the court, arranged side by side like this:

⃤         ⃤        ⃤

Next, draw the following symbols on each triangle using your chalk (do not use the oxidized time, as that will cause the portal to open too soon), so they look like this:

⨹ ◬ ⟁

When you draw the inner symbol on the third triangle you will feel a slight burning in your heart, but push through and finish it, because stopping in the middle will ruin the time around it.

Step back, clasp your hands together and say, “flying flying triangle, flying triangle triangle, triangle triangle triangle.”

If you do this right, the room will grow a little warmer while the heart in your chest fills with the fear of perhaps never beating again, only to be relieved with every passing thump.

Step three: Attach Wings to Triangles

Now it’s time to attach the wings. This is the fun part. Simply attach each wing to the triangles, so it looks like this:

╰ ⨹ ╯ ╰ ◬ ╯ ╰ ⟁ ╯

As you attach the wings, the triangles may try to fly away. Don’t let them! I like to paste them to the floor using wood glue, but I’ve seen others use a combination of skull powder and the dreams of a unborn child instead. Either works! Give the triangles an hour to acclimate to their new wings.

Step four: Arrange Geometry

Once the triangles are capable of flight, let’s get the geometry arranged. I like to set my geometry out a few feet away from the triangles to make it easy to do the transfer, but it’s up to you how you want to do it. I’m going to use a simple phase of the logistical spirit geometry as an example because it combos really well with the time triangles to create an extremely spicy worldview that shakes your trust of reality to its absolute core. Often I find myself months later in a new place! Set the geometry up, then surround it with the triangles. It will look something like this:

╰ ⨹ ╯

╰ ◬ ╯ ∺ ▤ ◌ ◌ ◌ ▩ ╰ ⟁ ╯

Adjust yourself thirteen degrees off the most northern facing triangle, and commit an act of yearning. Touch each triangle once, turn nine degrees to your right, then rotate around the whole symbol. With any luck, you’ll see a portal of blue flame engulf the whole thing, and the next few months will turn into a complete blur while a spectator controls your every moment.