The (physical) book

A small print run collecting together 30 of the stories from this site (and not including the novella) is now available for purchase for $5. All proceeds from the book ($4/book) will go to the Protect and Defend Trans Youth Fund. There are no new stories in this collection.

You can purchase the book here (update: sold out!) or read any of the stories for free here. If you’re curious about what the insides looked like, here’s a PDF.

The ebook

The RNN ebook, One Long Panel of Stones collects together the novella along with 40 stories from this site (the 10 not included couldn’t make the transition to the non-interactive ebook format).

The ebook is DRM-free (where stores allow it) and (should be–sometimes Amazon makes it a dollar for some reason!) available for free at these retailers:

If you hate online stores, here are free PDF and EPUB (you’ll need to unzip the EPUB) files:

To send the EPUB file to a Kindle, head to this site and follow the instructions. The PDF should work anywhere the EPUB doesn’t, but if you want to request a specific file format, reach out through the contact form.