Over the course of this project, we’ve gotten a lot of questions. Hopefully we can clear things up here.

What the heck is this?

RNN Descriptions is a sporadically created collection of short stories and art created by me and my friend, Mojiferous. All the stories and art are independent of each other, and you can read or look at any of them in any order. While each creation is unfettered from the next, they seem incidentally connected by a theme or setting, though it’s not our place to say what threads connect what.

Why are the titles so weird, though?

The titles are generated by a recurrent neural network (thus the name, RNN Descriptions). Mojiferous trains the RNN on classic art descriptions to generate absurd art titles. With each new collection of titles, he picks the best, feeds those words back into the network, and it continues to get weirder. You can find the entire list of every title it has generated so far here.

So a machine writes these stories and makes this art?

No, people still make the art and the stories. The machine comes up with the titles.

There’s a lot here, where should I start?

I’d start by taking a look at these pictures:

And these stories:

Can’t you just put this into an ebook or something so I can read it all at once?


What’s this “Long Panel of Stones” business all about?

First off, it’s One Long Panel of Stones. Second, who knows?! It appears to be a serialized book, with the first draft being written live, online, for everyone to read as it goes. Fun stuff, right? If you want to sort through just these chapters as they go up, you can do so here. I have no idea how long this will go on for or how long the final product will be, but thus far, in the spirit of the rest of the RNN, it’s been very short, punchy chapters .

How can I get in touch with you?

Email, naturally.